Thank you Dr. T and your wonderful staff ...never thought I would be pain free but I am!!! Thank you for the excellent and compassionate care. - Rebecca

Everyone was nice and friendly--they greeted you with a smile and it was a pleasure being around them, anyone with back problems will benefit going there. - Yvonne

Very impressed with this facility!!! Finally found someone who is making a difference! I feel less back pain than I have in years!!! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! They know just what to do! - Charlene

Dr. Talerico and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate people who are fun to work with! This small circle of people have taken me from miserably crippled in pain (literally) to relatively pain free and happy over the course of just a few short months. Run, walk, crawl, teleport... Whatever it takes to get you there, if you've got chronic neck and/or back pain, you need these people in your life. - Erica

I trust the owners. They are hard working intelligent, witty professional, and kind people. I’ve known them for decades and they have always been more than quality individuals to me. - Cheryl

Finished therapy 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling great. All the staff are absolutely wonderful and very caring. Thank you for everything you have done for me. - Vanessa

Let me just say Carolina Spine and Disc they are best at what they do. The staff are all wonderful. From the time you walk into the waiting area ‘til you leave. You are taken care of as if you’re the only one there. I just feel right at home there. I have seen many doctors about my back and bc I am not an easy fix I have been dismissed by many doctors. Doctor Talerico has not giving up on my back which doesn't seem to want to fix. He is willing to take his time to talk to me so I understand what exactly is going on. Him and all the staff talk to you like they have known you their whole lives. I have never seen a staff that are more caring and wanting to make you feel 100%. I have seen many that want to rush you in, take your money and send you on your way, which at Carolina Spine and Disc they want to give what you’re paying for.... They want to give you results and make you better. I want to say thanks to everyone there. I wouldn't recommend any other place. - Nikki

I am 60 years old today. After having achy terrible back and neck pain over the years I knew it was time to visit a Spinal Physician. I can only say in all truth that if you are suffering, this is the Doctor and kind, smart compassionate staff that you need to visit. They have worked with me in some of my darkest hours. I live in Flower's Plantation and they are located on 70 past BB&T in the office park on the right. After attending Nursing school myself I am somewhat aware that progress is happening in this Physician's practice. From Dr. Talerico to the therapy staff I personally have excelled every day and continue to do well. I have been having Decompression, PT, and a couple of other procedures for a thinned disc. This is being done without surgery which I was so afraid of having to go through. If you are having problems with your back every day then you should consider this option. You will not regret it. - Kathy

Hands down the BEST facility for any type of spinal treatment!! Dr. T is very thorough, understanding, and does what’s best for the individual patient. The therapy team all work together to meet the patients’ needs and goals. I have never received such wonderful, dedicated, caring treatment anywhere else. I am an RN, and highly recommend Carolina Spine and disc to anyone who has a spinal issue of any sort. This amazing team will work very hard to get you back to the BEST you that you can be. They kept me from needing surgery and I am back to resuming my normal daily activities after only a few short months. I can't thank them enough for being the Best at what they do!!! - Annie